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Tex Mex, Cajun & Asian Hurricane

Robust in flavor, this is the Salsa that put Pirate Ringo on the map. Pirates are known for stealing treasure, and in this case Pirate Ringo absconded with his favorite spices and flavors from several countries and cultures, blending them into the perfect salsa.  This spicy cargo won't last long in your galley – it has a smoky slow burn that is just as much fun to cook with as to pair with chips.


Pirate's Inferno

Habanero, Jalapeno, Mango & Peach

Created as a gift for our fans, this Inferno would impress Dante himself. When fans demanded hotter, Pirate Ringo said “only if the flavor stays.” This salsa’s simple ingredients are layered so the heat builds with the sweet in a complex combination sure to tantalize your taste buds. The fearsome fire of Pirate's Inferno is the ultimate synergy of sunny sweetness and swarthy heat. You won't want the revelry to end!


Pieces of Eight

Fire-Roasted Peppers & Corn

Embark on a voyage for your taste buds that will take you from Ethiopia to Santa Fe. Created as a gift for Pirate Ringo's wife (who is a landlubber where heat is concerned), Pieces of Eight charms with intense flavor that won't burn. Sweet and smoky, just like Pirate Ringo's wife.